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Data on employment quality in Eurostat database. Using the UNECE framework, Eurostat has compiled data on employment quality for the EU countries that is provided in the Eurostat database. Sources (filling 42 of the 68 indicators) Labour Force Survey (LFS) European Working Conditions Survey from Eurofound (EWCS) The Quality of employment framework developed under the lead of UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) represents a neutral and comprehensive approach to assess quality of employment in its multiple facets. It defines 68 indicators on seven dimensions that address employment quality from the perspective of the employed person. Its design also facilitates international comparison. For statistical institutes, researchers and policy users looking to build and analyse datasets. Quality of employment on Eurostat's webpage Expert group meeting on Measuring Quality of Employment 4-6 October 2017, Geneva. christian.wingerter@ec.europa.eu Eurostat Quality of employment. Why are these statistics important and what is the European Commission doing in this regard? Statistics on the labour market are at the heart of many EU policies and are namely used to monitor the Europe 2020 strategy , the European Employment Strategy (EES) , the European Pillar of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

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  1. ars of UNECE, Eurostat and ILO to address the topic of measuring quality of employment. ational pilot studies were conducted, aN report on potential indicators for measuring quality of employment produced and a meeting of international expert
  2. Eurostat; Labour Market (incl. LFS) Quality of employment; Database; Database - Labour Market (incl. LFS
  3. Overview. Eurostat's mission is to provide high quality statistics and data on Europe. Accordingly, quality considerations play a central role in Eurostat's corporate management as well as in the day-to-day statistical operations. This commitment to quality is reflected in Eurostat's quality policy. Quality is a multi-faceted, relative.
  4. es the EU policy context and assesses quality of work across the Member States in relation to four key aspects: employment security, health and well-being, skills development and work-life balance. The study was compiled on the basis of individual national reports submitted by the EWCO correspondents
  5. Foundation papers aim to highlight knowledge and analysis emanating from the Foundation's research themes: employment, equal opportunities, social inclusion, time use and diversity. The objective of the papers is to make past, present and future work of the Foundation relevant and accessible in a synthesised format. The subject of each paper will be linked to current social policy issues and offers therefore a timely contribution to the debate at European level
  6. In other words, quality of employment refers to the conditions, ethics, working time arrangements, monetary and non-pecuniary benefits associated with the employment and affecting work and non-working life of an individual. In this sense, the quality of employment for a person with more than one job would ideally take 1

Quality assessments are integrated into other Eurostat horizontal activities by providing inputs for the Evaluation Function, for the Annual Management Plan (AMP) and by promoting the standardization of Eurostat IT tools developed in the context of the CVD. Conceptual framework User needs Data collection Validation Country leve Job quality complements measures of job quantity to provide an assessment of employment strategy. Job quality is a multidimensional concept where different policy agenda and disciplines emphasise different dimensions. In most of Eurofound 's research, job quality is measured at the level of the job. It includes job features captured from an objective perspective, which can be observed and are related to meeting people's needs from work. It is made up of all the characteristics of work. Data and research on employment including public employment and management, youth and local employment, jobs, unemployment and labour markets., Our on-line database brings together data and indicators constructed to support the analyses presented in various editions of the OECD Employment Outlook as well as selected short-term indicators In February 2021 compared with January 2021, seasonally adjusted production in the construction sector decreased by 2.1% in the euro area and by 1.6% in the EU, according to first estimates from Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union. In January 2021, production in construction... mor

The definition of quality of employment, quality of work and the different dimensions contained in these concepts are discussed and some suggestions are presented on the need to promote a European job quality indicator. IP/A/EMPL/ST/2008-09 OCTOBER 2009 PE 429.972 EN 1. This document was requested by the European Parliament's Committee on Employment and Social Affairs. (Contract Reference. Figure 1: Employment rate by sex versus Europe 2020 target, EU-28, 2005-14 (% of population aged 20-64) Source: Eurostat and (lfsa_urgaed

This policy brief uses data from the 2015 European Working Conditions Survey to investigate the job quality associated with different employment statuses in the 28 EU Member States. It finds that temporary and part-time workers as well as self-employed workers without employees are more likely to experience poorer job quality than permanent employees. Read less. Formats and languages. Download. Part-time employment (%), by sector, 2018; Self-employment. Self-employment (%), by country, 2008 and 2018; Self-employment (%), by age, 2018; Self-employment (%), by education, 2018; Self-employment (%), by gender, 2018; Self-employment (%), by sector, 2018; Temporary employment. Temporary employment (%), by country, 2008 and 201 Quality of the working environment captures non-economic aspects of jobs including the nature and content of the work performed, working-time arrangements and workplace relationships. These are measured as incidence of job strain characterised as high job demands with low job resources Average annual hours actually worked per person in employment. The concept used is the total number of hours worked over the year divided by the average number of people in employment. Part-time workers are covered as well as full-time workers. National estimates are based on the best available sources

1.2. Employment and the labour market . 1.2.1. Employment and unemployment . The economic recovery has led to a rather slow rise of employment as the empl oyment rate surpassed its pre -crisis (2008) level only in 2018. The overall employment rate in Croatia remains one of the lowest in the EU: only 46.9 % of the population older than 15 an Since 2000, a number of successive Joint UNECE/ILO/Eurostat Seminars on quality of work has brought together national and international specialists of labour statistics, and have led to the recognition of the increasing interest of countries and international organizations in measuring and monitoring quality of employment

Eurostat: Gender pay gap statistics; Eurostat: Gender employment gap in the EU; The COVID-19 pandemic is having vast implications on health, well-being, quality of life, the labour market and the economy. It is also having a multifaceted impact on gender equality at work and at home. Promoting gender equality is at the heart of the EU policy. Job security, access to training, career development and pay are identified as key indicators for assessing quality of work. According to these indicators, four types of jobs can be distinguished: dead-end jobs, low pay/low productivity jobs, jobs of reasonable quality and jobs of good quality

Eurofound has developed three regularly repeated pan-European surveys to contribute to the planning and establishment of better living and working conditions. The surveys offer a unique source of comparative information on the quality of living and working conditions across the EU. Detailed analysis of the survey data allows Eurofound to identify new and emerging trends, a ECE/ILO/Eurostat seminar on measurement of the quality of work (11 - 13 May 2005) 2007: Joint UNECE/ILO/Eurostat Seminar on quality of work (18 - 20 April 2007) 2008: Task Force meeting on the Quality of Employment (12 - 13 June 2008) October 31, 2011 Zeynep Orhun Girard - UNECE Statistical Division Slide 3 Chronology of activities, cont. 2009: Task Force on Measurement of the Quality of.

A better quality of working life, together with the promotion of employment and entrepreneurship, are central to the European Union's employment strategy and social policy agenda.. In the past, Eurofound has examined issues such as: the quality of employment and working conditions, including work organisation; and access to employment, self-employment and opportunities and support for labour. QuInnE creates a new analytical framework of for understanding the relationship between innovation and job quality and that relationship's impact on employment. This framework is then used to statistically analyse existing datasets to create a typology of innovation-job quality dynamics by industry and country. The analysis is then extended to assess how different types of relationships. Member States should facilitate the creation of quality jobs, including by reducing the barriers that businesses face in hiring people, by fostering responsible entrepreneurship and genuine self-employment and, in particular, by supporting the creation and growth of micro and small enterprises. Member States should actively promote the social economy and foster social innovation. Member States.

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About Eurostat . Who we are Policies Quality Civil Servants Remunerations Research and methodology Employment and social policies, Statistics: 15/11/2015: Read more: Public consultation on the extension of the European statistical programme: Statistics : 15/10/2015: Read more: Implementation of the Framework Regulation Integrating Business Statistics (FRIBS) Economic and Financial. quality employment (2017/2277(INI)) The European Parliament, - having regard to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, - having regard to the European Charter of Fundamental Rights, - having regard to the Interinstitutional Proclamation on the European Pillar of Social Rights, - having regard to the European Social Charter of 3 May 1996, - having regard to its resolution of 15. Eurostat 2006 . 34,20 : Employment rate of under 25 years olds: year 2002 . Eurostat 2006 : 32,20 . Employment rate of 15-24 years olds: year 2003 : Eurostat 2006 . 29,80 : Employment rate of 15-24 years olds: year 2004 . Eurostat 2006 : 27,70 . Employment rate of 15-24years olds: year 2005 : Eurostat 2006 . 27,50 : Employment rate of 15-24. Employment is broken down by hour bands of usual weekly hours worked in the main job (1-19 hours, 20-29 hours, 30-34 hours, 35-39 hours, 40 hours or more). • Employment by hour bands of usual weekly hours as a percentage of total employment

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Employment and youth policies are the responsability of member states. However, the EU has launched a number of initiatives complementing national policies as part of its measures to create a more social Europe.. This support focuses on funding youth employment programmes, improving the quality of apprenticeships and traineeships, offering international education and job opportunities and. Employment in industry, female (% of female employment) (modeled ILO estimate) Vulnerable employment, total (% of total employment) (modeled ILO estimate) Average working hours of children, study and work, ages 7-14 (hours per week) Labor force participation rate, total (% of total population ages 15+) (national estimate) Download. CSV XML EXCEL. DataBank. Online tool for visualization and. request of the Employment and Social Affairs Committee . This document was requested by the European Parliament's Committee on Employment and Social Affairs. AUTHORS . Jennifer McGUINN, Milieu Consulting . Elena FRIES -TERSCH, Milieu Consulting . Matthew JONES, Milieu Consulting . Chiara CREPALDI, Istituto per la Ricerca Sociale . Märt MASSO, Praxis . Ingel KADARIK, Praxis . Manuela SAMEK. An overview of the 3 NUTS and 2 LAU layers in the UK Policy Department for Economic, Scientific and Quality of Life Policies Directorate-General for Internal Policies Authors: Monika SZPEJNA, Aoife KENNEDY PE 652.719- June 2020. Mitigating the employment and social effects of the COVID -19 pandemic . European and international policy recommendations. KEY FINDINGS . The recommendations result from a review of selected policy papers and research.

EUROSTAT Handbook on Data Quality Assessment Methods and Tools Mats Bergdahl, Manfred Ehling, Eva Elvers, Erika Földesi, Thomas Körner, Andrea Kron, Peter Lohauß, Kornelia Mag, Vera Morais, Anja Nimmergut, Hans Viggo Sæbø, Ulrike Timm, Maria João Zilhão Manfred Ehling and Thomas Körner (eds) Cover design: Siri Boquist Photo: Crestock . Handbook on Data Quality Assessment Methods and. Silvia Perrenoud | Activites & output ofSteering Group MQoE | Meeting Experts on Measuring Quality Employment | 6-8 November 2019 4 Output from implementation of recommendations of Handbook Presentation of framework at several occasions New online database (Eurostat) Article on cross-national comparison of QoE in Statistical journa Employment rates are sensitive to the economic cycle, but in the longer term they are significantly affected by governments' higher education and income support policies and by policies that facilitate employment of women and disadvantaged groups. Employed people are those aged 15 or over who report that they have worked in gainful employment for at least one hour in the previous week or who. Employment rate of under 25 years olds: year 2000 Eurostat 2006 66,00 Employment rate of under 25 years olds: year 2001 Eurostat 2006 62,30 Employment rate of under 25 years olds: year 2002 Eurostat 2006 63,50 Employment rate of 15-24 years olds: year 2003 Eurostat 2006 59,4 Our on-line database brings together data and indicators constructed to support the analyses presented in various editions of the OECD Employment Outlook as well as selected short-term indicators

Legal Databases Labour laws, standards and policies ILO knowledge portal Labour laws, standards, policies, statistics, and country profiles and information on ILO projects and programmes ILO Library Statistical Publication Europa > About the EU > quality of life (European Quality of Life Survey, EQLS) company practices (European Company Survey, ECS) It maintains 3 observatories to provide up-to-date information on: employment changes; quality of life; working life; Its work provides an evidence base for policy - such as the EU Directive on work-life balance, the European youth unemployment initiatives and. Total rate of employment for women 25-29 years old Employment in Europe 2007 2006 70,30 Employment rate of under 25 years olds: year 2000 . Eurostat : 2006 . 32,50 : Employment rate of under 25 years olds: year 2001 Eurostat 2006 34,00 Employment rate of under 25 years olds: year 2002 Eurostat 2006 34,0 Employment. Improvements in gender equality would lead to an additional 10.5 million jobs in 2050, which would benefit both women and men.. About 70% of these jobs would be taken by women, however female and male employment rates meet in the long run, reaching an 80% employment rate by 2050

Domain 3 - Recruitment of parliamentary employees; AREA 2 - Women and men have equal opportunities to INFLUENCE the parliament's working procedures. Domain 1 - Parliamentarians' presence and capacity in a parliament ; Domain 2 - Structure and organisation; Domain 3 - Staff organisation and procedures; AREA 3 - Women's interests and concerns have adequate SPACE on parliamenta employment situation of Roma communities in Slovakia Policy Department for Economic, Scientific and Quality of Life Policies Directorate-General for Internal Policies . Authors: Martin KAHANEC, Lucia KOV. ÁČOVÁ, Zuzana POLÁČKOVÁ, Mária SEDLÁKOVÁ. PE 648.778 - April 2020 EN STUDY Requested by the EMPL committe

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Strictness of employment protection - individual and collective dismissals (regular contracts) Customise. Selection Country [73 / 73] Time [30] Series [4 / 4] Layout; Table option Eurostat : 2006 . 49.60 : Employment rate of 15-24 years olds: year 2004 Eurostat 2006 45.20 Employment rate of 15-24years olds: year 2005 Eurostat 2006 45.30 Employment rate of 15-24 years olds: year 2006 Eurostat 2006 44.20 Employment rate of 15-24 years olds: year 2007 Eurostat 2006 45.70 Activity rate, age range 15-2

Does employment status matter for job quality? Franz Eiffe, Agnès Parent-Thirion, Isabella Biletta, European Foundation of the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Hrsg.) (11/2018) Impact of restructuring on working conditions. Labour market change - ERM report 2018 European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (10/2018) Annual review of working life 2017. Eurostat : 2006 . 27,00 : Employment rate of 15-24 years olds: year 2003 . Eurostat : 2006 . 27,30 : Employment rate of 15-24 years olds: year 2004 Eurostat 2006 26,30 Employment rate of 15-24years olds: year 2005 Eurostat 2006 25,60 Employment rate of 15-24 years olds: year 2006 Eurostat 2006 25,9

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If traineeships are really to facilitate access to employment, they must offer quality learning content and adequate working conditions, and should not be a cheap substitute for regular jobs. A November 2013 Eurobarometer survey on the quality of traineeships reveals that traineeships are widespread: around half of respondents (46%) have done a traineeship, and high share of them has done. and work, as an important means of increasing the quality of work, and delivering economic to Eurostat. For example, 25% of employees worked part-time compared with 21% across the EU28, and 20% did some work at home compared with 11% across the EU. The world leader in flexible working was, however, the Netherlands, where over 50% of employees work part-time and 30% of employees do some. EUROPA; TED home Display TED notice in current language; TED TED SIMAP; TED eNotices; TED eTendering . Check out our COVID-19 dedicated page for tenders related to medical equipment needs. Brexit . Services - 307384-2020. Original language; Data Document family 02/07/2020 S126. I. II. IV. V. VI. Luxembourg-Luxembourg: Acquisition of Financial, Employment, Ownership and Related Data on.

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access to quality services for the management of complications arising from abortion. The Commission would prefer that the Community did not need to fill any breach caused by changes in development policy in another country. Its partners in developing countries need consistency in external policy and support. The Commission would prefer that all developed countries contribute their fair share. For information on the methodology and quality underlying the data used in this publication for which the source is neither Eurostat nor other Commission services, users should contact the referenced source. The designations employed and the presentation of material on the maps do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever o n the part of the European Union concerning the legal status. For the missing recent years in the total employment series, Eurostat (for European countries) and an alternative OECD employment series (for non-European countries) are used to project the data. This method is being used on an interim basis pending a more detailed review of the international comparisons of productivity (ICP) labour inputs and further engagement with OECD. This review is. survey;12 Migrants, minorities and employment: Exclusion and discrimination in the 27 Member States of the European Union, Update 2003-2008;13 The impact of the Racial Equality Directive: Views of trade unions and employers in the European Union;14 Trends and Developments 1997-2005: Combating ethnic and racial discrimination and promotin

Italy: Employment is higher amongst foreign workers — QuartzIn charts: Europe’s demographic time-bomb | Financial TimesEmployment and Unemployment - annual data 2019 | NationalPOLICY & PARTNERS | EMECAFinancial Stability Review, May 2019

OECD.Stat enables users to search for and extract data from across OECD's many databases The weighted employment less the returned employment is spread pro-rata across the non-surveyed units on the basis of their IDBR registered employment, while returned values are preserved, giving estimates with relatively low variance even at very detailed levels, but at the expense of introducing some bias. The current minimum domains are set at region geography and a combination of two-digit. Data and research on the families and children, OECD family database, gender gap, family support calculator, family size and composition, maternal employment, child poverty, child well-being., The OECD Family Database provides cross-national indicators on the situation of families and children, including the structure of families, the labour market position of families, public policies for. Source: Eurostat . Europe's population is increasing through a combination of natural growth ( more people are born each year than die) and net migration (more people settle in the EU than leave it). At the same time, the population of Europe is ageing as life expectancy increases and fewer children are born. Quality of lif There has been a large scale decrease in employment in the fishing industry within Scotland, Infrastructure in Scotland is varied in its provision and its quality. The densest network of roads and railways is concentrated in the Central Lowlands of the country where around 70% of the population live. The motorway and trunk road network is principally centred on the cities of Edinburgh and.

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